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Saint-Gobain is a world leader in high-performance habitat and materials solutions with 180,000 employees and operations in 66 countries. And even with a single worldwide positioning, the incomparable portfolio has local solutions adapted to the needs of each market. It has internal organizations in 38 countries that connect and coordinate the different brands of the Group, with the objective of developing a complete and shared range of solutions for construction and renovation.

These organizations promote dialogue between the teams involved in research and marketing and help implement cross-cutting projects between activities. The number of cross-cutting innovation projects is growing, reinforced by the partnership culture and co-development with Saint-Gobain customers and external partners. The Group also keeps a close eye on new markets through New External Venturing, a unit dedicated to external innovation and responsible for relationships with startups. In addition, Saint-Gobain has numerous partnerships with scientific and academic institutions.

An international challenge

Investing in habitat solutions is one of the biggest challenges in both mature and fast-growing economies. Governments around the world are adopting policies aimed at improving housing conditions while reducing energy consumption in the construction sector.

Sustainable building

Saint-Gobain made the strategic decision to become a benchmark in sustainable habitat markets. With a long-term vision, the Group designs and develops innovative and high performance solutions that improve habitat and daily life.

High performance material

This activity offers high added value solutions for different complex construction and industry applications. Its extensive expertise in this range of technologies enables the Group to take full advantage of the complementary nature of its three families of materials (high performance polymers, fiberglass yarns and ceramic materials). As a result, Saint-Gobain can design solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers, often in industrial niches that are well-suited to the joint development of strategies.