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Permanent Technical Assistance

All Saint-Gobain Plumbing products have permanent technical assistance. Regardless of your warranty terms, our technical staff will always be available to assist you, either by email, telephone or on-site.

Partial and Integral Monitoring of the Installation

Saint-Gobain Canalização puts its technical staff at the disposal to follow up on all stages of the work in order to ensure that best practices are followed. The stages considered are the startup of the work, the assembly of the entire extension and the performan...ce of the leakage test, the latter being in accordance with NBR 9650. The partial monitoring of the installation can also be performed in order to better meet the needs of the project .

Logistics Support

This service includes the visit and support in the sizing of the storage location and the follow-up of the unloading of the products, in order to guarantee their integrity by following the correct procedures of movement and storage.