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Geophony + GPS

Through this highly accurate service it is possible to identify and record the exact coordinate of invisible leaks in raw and treated water from basic sanitation and industry. Geophony represents an excellent solution in such cases, since the condition of maintaini...ng the pipe joints discovered during the leakage test has fallen into disuse due to the exceptional results obtained with the use of the JE2GS elastic joint.

Flow Measurement

This service allows us to know the actual flow of the installed system. It can be used for various fluids such as water / glycol solutions, crude oil, refined hydrocarbons, diesel and fuel oils, lubricating oils, chemicals, beverages, drinking water, waste water, r...efrigeration and heating, ultrapure liquids, among others.

Thickness Measurement

Saint-Gobain Plumbing carries out the measurement of wall thickness of pipelines in operation. This service is very important so that the actual thickness of the pipe that has been operating is known, due to the possibility of loss of material by the process of cor...rosion or abrasion. The latter mainly in pipelines used in the mining market for the transportation of ore pulp.

Corrective maintenance

Saint-Gobain Plumbing also carries out corrective maintenance of its products. Due to its know-how and its resources, this service represents an efficient solution for the customer.