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It is not enough to make and ship pipes, fittings and accessories properly, you have to show respect for life. At Saint-Gobain Canalização, the valorization of life is translated by the application of the Saint-Gobain Group's Principles of Behavior and Action, which guide the behavior and actions of employees in all the companies of the group spread throughout the world. In the same vein we believe that job security should be the number one priority of a company, since the workplace makes a difference. A well organized and pleasant location will have focused employees, concerned with the quality of products and services, with productivity and with reduction of waste.

In all these years, she faced few and good in Brazil and remained resistant and malleable as the ductile iron she manufactures. Its pipes bring comfort and dignity to millions of Brazilians, transporting water through Africa, the Iraqi deserts and the northeastern backlands, up and down mountains in Latin America. He has been around a lot, changed shareholders, changed his name, but knows that he has remained Brazilian from father to son since 1937.

Products Saint-Gobain Channeling: manufactured in Brazil, produced by Brazilians.

  • Integrated Policy

    Integrated Occupational Health Policy and Safety, Quality and Environment.

  • Handbook of the

    This manual establishes the guidelines and general procedures related to the Saint-Gobain Environmental Management System - Barra Mansa Plant.

  • EHS Manual - Itaúna

    Integrated Manual of Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health Systems.