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Project Tracking

Saint-Gobain Canalização provides its technical team of engineers for the follow-up and support in the development of projects. This partnership between Saint-Gobain Plumbing, designer and end customer can take place at any stage of the project, ranging from tech...nical feasibility study to product installation and testing. In the design stage itself, Saint-Gobain Plumbing carries out various calculations and guidance analyzes such as optimizing the layout through internal software, in order to reduce the number of connections found, dimensioning of anchors such as concrete block and internal and external locked joints , cost comparisons between types of anchorages and between different materials, estimation of the useful life of the tubes used to transport ore pulp through the Miller Index and special applications such as soils with low mechanical resistance, aerial and underwater crossings, slope settlements , pipe tube installation, among others.

Economic Feasibility Analysis

Saint-Gobain Plumbing also performs an economic comparison between different available alternatives to be considered in the project. This study takes into account the cost of implementation, ie the material cost plus installation cost and line operating cost. There...fore, in order to define the best solution, the comparison between the different materials and diameters is made considering the overall cost of the work.

Angular Deflection Study

Taking advantage of the elastic joint of the ductile iron pipes with tip end and bag, we can use the angular deflection allowed by the same to optimize the trace of both the profile and the design of the project. Through the angular deflection study it is possible ...to reduce the number of anticipated curves and consequently the number of required anchors, whether concrete blocks or locked joints, thus providing a high savings for the project.

Soil Corrosive Potential Measurement

In order to offer customers the most appropriate anticorrosion protection to the project conditions, Saint-Gobain Canalização measures the corrosive potential of the soil where the pipe will be installed. In order to do this, the 10 - point system predicted by th...e DIPRA - Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association is used, in which parameters such as electrical resistivity, pH and soil redox potential are taken into account. Electrical resistivity is measured in loco by Saint-Gobain Channeling through the Wenner Method and soil samples are collected and sent for chemical analysis of the other parameters in a specialized laboratory.