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    Specialization in the field of fluid transport.

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Pam Academy

The PAM Academia de Saint-Gobain Canalização program aims to improve the technical and practical training of participants in the design and installation of pipelines, emissaries and supply networks in projects using ductile iron. Each module has a specific discipline, being: Transient Hydraulic, Project, Quality, Assembly and Maintenance, Mining and Civil Construction. The program also includes technical visits to the production process, laboratories and practical activities that are carried out at the demonstration center of Saint-Gobain Plumbing.

Know the Modules

Building Construction Module (Predial)

16 a 18 de maio/2017 - ida BM: 15/05


• Manufacture and characteristics of ductile iron;

• Ductile cast iron products;

• Tests performed;

• Building systems;

• Notions of Hydraulic Transient;

• EPAMS drainage system;

• Room Cooling System - Puit Canadien;

• Caps and grids;

• Drawing software: PredialCad 2D *;

• Calculation Software: EPAMS for pre-dimensioning *;

• Waterproofing;

• Case studies;

• Visit to the production process, laboratories and Demonstration Center.

Pre-enroll no Building Construction Module (Predial)
  • How to get there

    Buses are available for participants, departing from the cities of Rio de Janeiro - Santos Dumont Airport (3:30 pm) and Rio de Janeiro International Airport - Galeão (4:15 pm) and, São Paulo: SABESP - Ponte Pequena unit (2 pm). The transfer will be carried out the day before the first day of the course.

  • Feed

    We offer an open dinner, lunch and coffee break during the 3 days of the course.

  • Material and Certificate

    Handbook with content related to the module taken, complete catalog with all the company's products and gifts. A certificate of completion will be delivered at the end of the training.

Technical Assistance in all the phases of the project

  • Mission

    To offer innovative solutions for transporting fluids in high performance materials, promoting sustainable habitat and population health, differentiated by excellence in customer services, through an international standard technology combined with pioneering national production.


    To be recognized as the best solution in products and services for the transportation of fluids, combining competitiveness, quality, innovation and sustainability.

  • Principles of Behavior and Action

    1. Professional Commitment
    2. Respect for people
    3. Integrity
    4. Loyalty
    5. Solidarity

    1. Respect for the law
    2. Respect for the environment
    3. Respect for health and safety at work
    4. Respect for employees' rights

  • Integrated Policy

    Integrated Occupational Health Policy and Safety, Quality and Environment.

  • Handbook of the

    This manual establishes the guidelines and general procedures related to the Saint-Gobain Environmental Management System - Barra Mansa Plant.

  • EHS Manual - Itaúna

    Integrated Manual of Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health Systems.